Couple years ago, I decided to start writing about my travels. When I started, I was younger and in a different position. I was working full-time with limited number of paid holidays. In the high season: Christmas & New Year & Easter, I found impossible to find organised holidays within an acceptable budget and with the departure on the day I wanted.

I had always had a problem to match holidays with my days off.

Then pandemic changed the world. Travelling became to be hard and expensive.

Now I work on my own. My passion to sightseeing has stayed and I love exploring new places.
My Way Travel is about me organising my journeys and my adventures.

I have decided to share with you my experience and thoughts.

On one side, I do not like “hostel style” or backpacker's holidays, on a second side I could not afford for luxurious holidays. I can afford a middle range holiday with some fun, nice restaurants and 3-4 stars hotels. How to feel rich when you are not a millionaire? It is my aim.

I have decided to share with you my experience from different destinations. If you need my help or advise in relation to the places I visited, please contact me directly.

In my blog you would find information how I organised my trips and my real thoughts about excursions. “Must see” places – the main question is: do we really have to see them? I was always looking for an opinion which I could not find. The most common description: awesome which is not true. Very often we were disappointed and wasted our time. I would give you my opinion based on my own preferences.

I am a woman, single, no kids. I like fun but not too crazy (not 48h marathon without sleep). I am a fan of pool parties, Mojito without sugar and warm water to swim in.

It is My Way Travel!

Let’s start the party!