Colombia – Avianca curse

This time we travelled to Colombia for a wedding: Colombian girl & Cuban guy – our friends from Miami. We had planned everything months in advance. We had a direct flight from Dublin to Miami where our friend from San Francisco joined us. Unfortunately, our long-awaited holidays became a very stressful adventure because of Avianca airlines. We booked our flights from Miami to Cartagena directly with Avianca (no travel agent or middleman) months in advance. 4 days before our departure to Miami we were informed that our flight from Miami to Cartagena was cancelled because Avianca was on strike!!!

USA National Parks

We have planned our next USA road trip to visit Yellowstone National Park which is only accessible over summer. However, on top of this my husband and I planned a nice road trip through American national parks. We started our trip by renting a car in Las Vegas airport. As it was June, it was really hot-> too hot. You could not walk on the Strip over the day. It was a walk from casino (air-condition) to casino (air-condition). When we were in Las Vegas, EDC was on. I still can’t understand why they always organise it in June when it is so hot.

Skiing in Europe

I have decided to embrace my experience regarding skiing holidays. I have been skiing since I was a little kid. However, I have never become a top level skier. Probably because I am aware that I can hurt myself which I want to avoid. Most of my teenage age I skied in Poland. Poland is not known from skiing resorts. It is changing but very slowly.